CD DVD Replication

Cheap CD and DVD manufacturing

dvd_replication-process_0.jpgAt Insight Vision we provide highest quality and in the same time cheap CD DVD replication. We can do this because we have optimized all the CD and DVD manufacturing processes and we have the right people at the right place. Our standard CD & DVD replication service lead time is 10 working days from approval of proofs. This assumes that we have also received your Purchase Order, appoved content master and payment terms have been agreed. When special disc packaging is required, this may extend the lead time.
What makes us stand out:

  • Assured on-time delivery – we will not take your order unless we can meet your deadline
  • Quality products – With in-line and final product checks
  • Single point of contact – Dedicated Account Manager who you can contact at any time to get the status on your order
  • Full Artwork & Product support – Our experienced team can assist in artwork inception to optimisation for print
  • Unbeatable prices – We pride ourselves on delivering some of the cheapest CD DVD replication prices and won’t be beaten on a “like for like” product or service

Why we are able to provide highest quality and in the same time cheap and quality CD DVD replication and CD and DVD manufacturing ?

All the knowledge that we have acquired over the years is applied to each and every order, from the small runs for the retail to the largest newspapers’ project.
Our people will work with in partnership with you to ensure you achieve the results you want. From the initial design through to fulfilment and delivery our specialist teams are on hand to help you and advise you every step of the order process.
We will inspect your artwork, will make print proofs to insure the colors match, will advise

Although 10 working days is our standard lead time, it is not CD DVD Replication, DVD Duplication, CD Replication, DVD replication uncommon for us to reduce this slightly when needed. If you need a replication lead time of less than 10 working days, please speak with your insight Vision account manager or contact us to talk through your project.
When achieving quick lead times, it is critical that your job is planned into the production schedule as far in advance as possible, as the Glass Mastering process, stamper creation, injection moulding and disc printing process physically takes quite some time.
We need to carefully plan the manufacture of your job around your delivery date, whilst allowing for manufacturing contingency. During the high season September-December lead times are under more pressure than usual, so the more notice given, the better it will be for production planning.
We have a dedicated truck leaving for the UK every week. Your CD DVD Replication orders are delivered to London and London Area every Thursday; England, Scotland and Wales on Friday; Northern Ireland and ROI on Tuesday.

We also provide regular delivery services to France, Germany, Croatia, Netherlands, Serbia, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary,Slovakia, Greece and Bulgaria.

One response to “CD DVD Replication

  • stanislavkosev

    After expressing my concerns about keeping DVD replication pricing off of the
    List, it dawned on me that, as many of you are on the DVD authoring side of
    the business, you may not be fully aware of what has been going on on the DVD
    replication side of the business. A few years ago, DVD replication was
    covered much more extensively on the List.

    There has been a significant overcapacity of DVD replication capability the
    last year or so. We all had expected DVD-ROM to take off sooner than it has,
    and hoped that DVD-Audio would have made some noise (literally and
    figuratively) by now. That hasn’t been the case. The overcapacity has driven
    DVD replication pricing down significantly. The fact that some replicators
    have concentrated solely on capturing marketshare with little regard for
    pricing has made things even worse. My commercial, and it is an industry
    commercial rather than a company one, is that you often get what you pay for
    with replication. Much like DVD authoring, quality and service are arguably
    as critical as pricing when it comes to DVD replication. End of commercial.

    There is one consolation in all this: the fact that replication prices have
    come down so significantly has helped attract some content owners to DVD. I
    have spoken to a number of content owners the last few months that have
    commented that the business model for them to publish a DVD has become more

    Let’s hope that more and more content owners, marketing firms, ad agencies,
    etc. hop on the DVD bandwagon. And rather than argue with one another on this
    List, let’s all work together to continue to educate the masses about the
    benefits of DVD!

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